Of Patriotic Interest


We are proud of our American heritage at Nolin Lake Crafts and Pens. Many of the pens we produce will help you to express your inner Patriot!

We the People Bolt Action Pen

VietNam Ribbon Vertex Set
Civil War Bullet Pen Set of 2

Pens turned in wood from the Historic Fort Nelson

These pens are a new limited-edition historic wood that we obtained from the original Fort Nelson. Fort Nelson was once considered to be Virginia, but folks here in Kentucky call it downtown Louisville. You can carry a piece of history in your pocket with these beautifully turned works of art….and history!
American Patriot Pen
SALUTE OUR TROOPS .30 Caliber Bolt Action Bullet Pen

Salute the Troops

Turned in teakwood from the USS New Jersey
Civil War Bullet Pen Set of 2
Donated to “OPERATION SHOEBOX NJ” Auction