Wand Turned from Oak Acquired from the Great Hall at Christ Church College in Oxford, England


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Complete with its Certificate of Authenticity, a wand made from this special wood will delight anyone interested in the actual wood that came from Christ Church College’s Great Hall in Oxford, England.

This is the same Great Hall that was recreated at the film producer’s studios for use in the production of the Harry Potter films.  Nolin Lake Crafts and Pens does not imply any affiliation or association with Harry Potter, Hogwarts, its producers or author.

Equally interesting are the ties that the Methodist faith has with this historic hall, being the college where John Wesley studied.  There are additional pieces of this oak that can be made into desk sets or individual pens, pencils, magnifying glasses and letter openers for gift giving.  Just ask us!  nolinlakecrafts@gmail.com

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  1. Being a Potterhead, one of my friends told me about this wand. At first I was skeptical if it was real or not. I did some research and from what I have found yes this is actual wood from (the floors) of the Great Hall. To most people this wand probably would not mean much but this Hall was the inspiration for the Great Hall built for the Harry Potter films.

    I contacted Nolan Lake Crafts and Pens and they were very helpful and excellent at communicating with me. I decided to order a wand for myself as a birthday present. A little expensive but for what it is worth I thought it was worth it.

    I got the wand and the lathe work is very well done and it was made in two parts the shaft and the handle each done in a different color. The final wand was varnished for protection. I am happy with it and will be building a shadow box to put it in along with photos of the Hall and the Great Hall from the films.

    This wand would make any Potterhead happy to have in their collection.

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      Hi David,

      We are so happy that you loved your wand. Thank you so much for your positive review of our work! We would love it if you send a photo of the wand in your finished shadowbox.

      Thanks again!

      Carol and Carl

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