Custom Pens & Pencils

Custom Pencils, Pens, and gift sets are our specialty here at Nolin Lake Crafts. If you can dream it, you could probably write with it. Here are just a few of the things we offer:

What could I have a pen and/or pencil made out of?
- Wood of many North American native, invasive, and naturalized species -- from apple to oak and everything in between.
- Local, sustainably sourced wood from the state of Kentucky (© Kentucky Proud qualifying)
- Acrylic (custom designs available), antler, and other specialty materials
- Customer supplied wood/material, perhaps of sentimental value (Subject to feasibility assessment by craftsman.)
- Reclaimed, Composite, and Recycled wood (Examples: American Chestnut boards/molding, barn beams, bourbon barrels, wine barrels, plywood, Civil War musket wood, etc -- Availability of these specific woods are subject to change.)

What types of pens and pencils do you offer?

- Women's and Men's sizing
- Refillable Inserts: Ball Point, gel, fountain, assorted sizes of pencil graphite
- Stylus tips
- Drafting Pens & Pencils
- Teacher Pens

What kind of customization could I have?

- Engraving
- Logos of any kind embossed onto the pen.
- Every metal finish imaginable from gold to gun metal for the hardware

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Don't see an option you want to ask about? Ask us! We might be able to do it anyway!